Brand Identity

What's all in a brand? Is it simply the name you put on a product, or is there more to it?


The name of our brand is simple. Parker is the name of co-founder, Taryn's daughter, but the meaning behind the brand is what makes it special. 


Parker Design Co. was created from the co-founder's shared passion of creativity, collaboration, and adventure. It stands for having the freedom to determine how you want to live your life and to make sure each day counts. It stands for making a positive impact in the world and taking chances. And it stands for confidence to go after your ambitions. 


We measure success not by the number in your bank account, but by the number of times you have smiled and felt gratitude in a day. 

We support each other regardless of age, race, sexuality, ethnicity, or gender and try to see the good in everyone. 


To us a brand is much more than a name. Everything we do and everything we create has meaning behind it. That meaning is what keeps us going on days that feel like we are never going to succeed. 

A backpack embodies all of these identities. It can be used as you walk to an interview for your dream job, step on a plane to a new destination, or as you pack up your belongings to move on to your next great adventure. 


As you carry your Rosa Pak, we hope you are reminded of all the reasons it exists: passion, empowerment, confidence, adventure, dreams, kindness, and hope. 

This blog will be a monthly guide on topics the co-founders have found inspiring or meaningful and will encompass the heart of Parker Design Co. 

Taryn Kutches